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Keratin Treatment-128oz
Hair Straightening Treatment


 Keratin Treatment is an intensive treatment that reduces volume, eliminates frizz and provides straight and controlled hair for up to 3 months. It deeply nourishes and moisturizes the hair, adds incredible shine and reinforces the structure, preventing breakage.

Rich in nutrients such as vitamins, essential oils sugars and emollients. Its antioxidant and protective action promotes a complete regeneration of the threads, moisturizing them in an effective and sustained manner.


Naturally straight hair, frizz-free, stronger and with incredible shine.


1 Apply the Step 1 Shampoo Plástica dos Fios to wet hair, massaging until it foams. Repeat the process twice. Leave for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

2. Dry your hair 80% with the help of a hair dryer and your fingers. Separate the hair into 6 parts.

3. Apply the treatment evenly.

4. Using a blow dryer on a cold jet, dry two locks of hair 100%. It is important to dry two locks at a time.

5. After drying all the locks, use the flat iron. On blonde, damaged or chemically treated hair, the temperature should not exceed 200°C. For normal, natural or resistant hair, the temperature should be 230°C.

6. After using the iron on all the strands, rinse well with water.

7. Dry the hair and finish as desired.

We recommend using this treatment with the help of a professional.

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