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Hair B-Tox | Keratin | Collagen
Restore and Repair Your Hair


Restore and Repair Your Hair with Collagen and Keratin Hair B-tox

Reverse Damage to Your Hair with Hair B-tox. 

Treat Your Hair Right with Our Leave-in Treatment

Our hair goes through a lot every day. From hot hair tools to harsh chemicals, our hair takes a beating. Treat your hair right and reverse hair damage with Keratin and Collagen Hair B-Tox. 

Our leave-in treatment will repair and restore your hair. The treatment will penetrate your hair's deepest layers, filling in and improving the structure from the inside out. 

Our Keratin and Collagen Hair B-Tox treatment is filled with safe and effective ingredients. With B-tox's power, this treatment will restore your hair's natural luster. 

The Benefits of Hair B-tox

Hair B-tox is an effective way to replenish your hair. Some of the benefits you can experience from hair B-tox include:

  • Deep hydration and nutrition 
  • Volume control 
  • Softness and shine 
  • Broken hair fiber repair 
  • Improved texture 
  • Promotes Vitamin E and hair collagen 
  • Biotin hair growth 

In addition to repairing your hair, this treatment will help you achieve new growth. 

How to Use the Treatment 

This treatment is best used on dry hair. Divide your hair into sections, applying the product evenly from roots to tips. It's best to use a color brush to apply the solution. 

Cover your hair with a shower cap for about 15 minutes. You can also apply heat over the plastic wrap. 

Next, wash your hair without shampoo. Blow-dry your hair to your desired style. Using a flat-iron can help seal in the treatment. 

Get Shiny, Healthy Hair with Hair B-tox

Hair B-tox is the best way to improve your hair's quality. Shop our Keratin and Collagen Hair B-Tox treatment today.

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