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24K Gold Serum
Advanced Repair Serum for Lifting & Firming

$45.00 $48.00

Get Back Your Glow with our 24K Gold Brightening Serum

Are you tired of looking old and worn out? Our 24K Gold Serum for Advanced Repair is perfect for firming your skin and giving you back your glow. We formulated this anti-aging skincare serum for maximum lifting, firming, and radiance. Perfect for dull skin, uneven complexions, fine lines, and general aging concerns, our brightening serum will bring out your glow and return your youthful appearance!


At Ultrastar Treatments, we pride ourselves on offering the best skincare products for every complexion and concern. We developed this face serum to address multiple signs of aging with ingredients that work together to brighten and tighten the look of your skin. The ingredient list features: 

  • Active gold
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Ginseng extract
  • Argan oil

One Serum for Many Benefits

Aging skin loses its elasticity, radiance, and firmness first. We decided to address all of those concerns in one luxurious face serum. Hyaluronic acid and ginseng extract give skin youthful flexibility while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. People around the world have used argan oil to nourish their skin for centuries. We include it in our advanced repair serum to moisturize and soften your skin to look lifted and radiant. The active gold ions stimulate new skin cells in the basal layer of skin, bringing out your inner glow. 

Add Some Luxury to Your Skincare Routine

Apply a couple of drops to clean your skin after you cleanse. Gently massage the serum into your skin, avoiding the eye area. You can use 24K Gold Serum morning and night. Our serum's luxurious texture quickly penetrates into your skin, nourishing the skin barrier. Allow the serum to melt into your skin for a couple of minutes before applying your makeup.

Order Your 24K Gold Serum Today

Do you feel like your current skincare routine is lacking something? Get back your youthful radiance and add some luxury to your day with our 24K Gold advanced repair and brightening serum.

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