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Time to Glow
Pure Argan Oil Serum 3.4 fl oz


Enjoy Healthier Skin and Hair with Our All-Natural Argan Oil

Are you looking for a multi-tasking skin and hair treatment, that works as hard as you do? Our lavish, yet gentle, Time to Glow argan oil for hair and skin was created with you in mind. Order your 3.4 fl oz bottle today, to start letting your hair and skin glow! 


As we age, our skin and hair tend to become drier, giving them an aged and dull appearance. Our argan skin and hair oil were designed to help nourish your hair and skin, by giving it a fresher, more youthful appearance. It features:

  • 100% Pure Argan Oil
  • All-Natural Ingredients
  • Cruelty-Free Formula
  • Free of Harmful Chemicals

Rejuvenate Your Skin and Hair

Are you looking for a natural way to restore the firmness of your skin and revive the health of your hair? Our Time to Glow skin and hair serum is a great option. When applied to your skin, it works with your skin’s collagen to soften the appearance of fine lines and emerging wrinkles, leaving you with a trendy makeup-free glow. When used in your hair, this light formula acts as a hair recovery treatment and can return your locks to its luscious shine without weighing them down or leaving them feeling greasy. 

You Were Born to Glow

At Ultrastar Treatments, we believe that the best way to keep your hair and skin healthy is to work with nature, not against it. Argan oil is derived from native trees in Morocco and has been used for centuries for both cooking and cosmetics. It is full of vitamin E and other natural nutrients that have been proven to help your body repair skin and hair. This makes it a safe and effective choice for self-care products. We use only authentic, cruelty-free Moroccan argan oil for skin and hair care you can trust.  

Order Your 3.4 fl oz Time to Glow Argan Oil Serum Today 

Give your skin and hair the care they deserve when you choose our powerful Time to Glow argan oil skin and hair moisturizer. Order yours today and try it for yourself. Our fast, affordable shipping, is available across the country, and we’ll have you glowing in no time. 

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