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Keratin Hair Treatment | Coconut
Hair Straightening Treatment


Get Smoother, Straighter Hair with Our Keratin Hair Treatment

Do you want more manageable hair for up to six months without going to a salon? Order our gentle at-home Coconut Keratin Hair Treatment today. 


Are you looking for a keratin hair treatment that will leave you with healthier, deeply moisturized hair from root to tip? Our keratin complex treatment is packed with essential oils, vitamins, and emollients to leave your hair soft and silky between 4 to 6 months. This keratin hair treatment features: 

  • A gentle moisturizing formula for shine
  • A blend of coconut oil, Moroccan argan oil, and other natural ingredients
  • Keratin amino acids and hydrolyzed keratin for straightening
  • Collagen amino acids for strength and to reduce breakage

Get Silky Hair with Our Keratin Smoothing Treatment 

At Ultrastar Treatments, we offer an extensive line of products designed to restore moisture and nourish your hair. However, if you want long-lasting results, our keratin complex treatment is an excellent choice. 

With our unique blend of natural ingredients, you can achieve the hair you've always wanted with no harsh chemicals or harmful fumes. Our professional formula nourishes and fortifies your hair, making it smooth, sleek, and manageable. It also leaves it more flexible, reducing breakage. 

Gentle Results That Last

If you have used keratin treatments in the past or other straightening treatments, you know that they can be rough on your hair and that tools like hair straighteners can cause even more damage. 

Our keratin treatment uses all-natural oils, proteins, and amino acids to protect your hair as it straightens and relaxes it. This leaves you with a straightening solution your hair will love. 

Healthy Hair Starts Here

Are you ready to get healthier hair for up to six months? Order our Coconut Keratin Hair Treatment today for results you will love.

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